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 SPECIAL Beginning Silversmithing & Bracelets Retreat

No experience necessary!

Several students requested we change up our beginning Silversmithing Retreat to do more bracelets. So here's what we are doing for April 2019

I am thrilled to offer this week long class in my home studio. It is six intense days of fun, learning and doing. On Saturday we will start with our Beginning Silversmithing Class where you will learn the fundamentals of silver soldering and creating a fabulous contemporary or southwestern styled Pendant or Single Band Ring.  On Sunday we'll create a 3 Wire Bracelet, Monday a Freeform Bracelet, Tuesday a Sterling and Pearl Cuff or a Cuttlebone Casting Bracelet, Wednesday and Thursday open shop time or modified How to Sell and Shopify per each students preference.

If you have previously taken our Beginning Class or Retreat we do have a special price that does not include the tools and does include another area to create while we catch up the new students. So please call me to discuss.

In addition to the learning and doing, you will take home our 22 hour video DVD sets of Beginning Silversmithing and Intermediate Rings and Bracelets. You will also be subscribed to same content in our Online Streaming Videos usable on Kendal's, tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops and any web browser. You will also receive A new set of Silversmithing tools to continue applying what you learned in class. The tools, DVD's and Online Streaming videos are valued at $1052.00

We have included $300 worth of materials in this Retreat, but we do suggest you bring a few special Cabochons for the bracelets. Please contact me with any questions you might have.

The retreat cost is $2999.00 including local transportation and food and Lodging. The Airport to fly into is the South Coast Regional Airport at North Bend, Oregon  the code it OTH (NOT BEND OREEGON)

Here are some of the pieces you will be making.

In addition to making projects of your own design in the following styles you will will learn to use a tripod, make and use a bending jig and make bezel setting for large cabochons.

This Three Wire Bracelet is an 8 gauge square wire with a cabochon mount. It can also have square wire twisted or triangle or half round wire. It does not need to be asymmetrical or even have a cab mount on it. It can be considered as a contemporary or southwestern style depending on the style of embellishment added or left off. Highly popular and typically a good seller when special attention is paid to cabochon choices.

The Free Form Wave Bracelet is a challenge project that has many different and unique possibilities for focal point additions. This video shows a few variations. The art of the correct heat is the challenge here so that you get the ends of the wire soldered together without melting them and keeping them pristine. I have never seen and ugly one of these and they usually get lots of Ohh's and Ahh's from onlookers.

The Cultured Pearl Sterling Cuff is a light weight 26 Gauge metal project. Hammering, folding edge coining, crushing and are some of the techniques you will learn while creating this cuff. Again the use of a different focal point is available. The cultured pearls lend themselves to these project because of the thinness of the pearl so it can be used in a typical bezel mount. Due to the hammering and folding no two of these pieces are ever alike.

This Walking Liberty Silver Dollar & Cuttlefish Bone Casting  Bracelet is created by carving into the cuttlefish bone the shape of the bracelet band you desire and pouring melted Silver into it. It is necessary to create two side bands which can cause frustration while trying to get them near identical and may require a few attempts. Once you are satisfied with the bands they are soldered to the Silver Coin that is the focal point. A cabochon mount would also be possible to use provided the back plate of the Cabochon mount is heavy enough to support the weight and strength of the bracelet bands. There are many silver bullion coins available for around $25.00 that are .999 Silver and could be used as is or melted. The website at Kitco has many of them available. Here is the Link, including Chinese  Zodiac, Darth Vader and the Imperial Federation, Maple Leaf, Kangaroo and many other unique awesomely engraved legal tender and bullion coins. Get  with me if we are furnishing the coin so i can have it on hand or bring your own.

Pine Needle or Straw Casting of 3 plus ounces of fine silver. The Pine Needle casting is a hit and miss creation if you like what comes out use it, if not then just re-melt and re-pour until you get something you like. Crystal Points, Cubic Zirconium, and other stones may be embedded or added later, Casting can be used to assemble bracelets, see Straw Casting Bracelet on this page, make pendants, rings, earrings and paper weights.  We will melt scrap or silver bullion for this project.

Straw Cast bracelet. Wow! But worth it, another challenge piece. Creating of this bracelet requires multiple pours of silver and a puzzle style assembly using the small castings created from these pours. It can also be the base for a Crystal, Cabochon or other focal point. It is a typical long process that is likely to extend into a second day. It also uses lots of soldering and about a 1/4 ounce of solder and two to four ounces of fine silver. The piece in the video had two hours of multiple heating between each individual piece being added. Materials 2 to 4 ounces Fine Silver Scrap or casting shot. Probably an open shop day project

SPECIAL Beginning & Bracelets Retreat

Saturday April 6th thru Thursday April 11th , 2019

Arrive Friday April 5th and depart Friday April 12th

Maximum  Students is  6 for this retreat.

No experience necessary!
 if questions or to sign up, please call me, Dave Smith 916 548-7361